Tuesday, March 25, 2008

YouTube - It's not all silly

I've read a lot of blogs by participants of the Montana Library 2.0 Challenge saying that they didn't find anything worthwhile on YouTube. I can understand that as a first impression. You go in and look at what's popular and find a cat playing a piano, a guy climbing a parking garage, and lots of other at best entertaining but not-quite-educational videos.

Well, there is a lot of quality material as well. Like podcasts, there are a number of organizations that don't get much mainstream media attention finding their way to YouTube as a distribution outlet. So, how do you find the gems? One good way is by making use of social networking connections. If you find a video that you think is worthwhile, look at who produced it. Do they have a channel you can subscribe to to find more quality videos? What else do they subscribe to? Who subscribes to this channel? The logic here is that you'll find similar tastes. You'll find that a number of organizations have channels on YouTube where you can find collections of their videos, subscriptions, etc. By subscribing to a channel, you'll find out whenever new content is posted.

Here are some of the interesting channels I've run across on YouTube:
  • ForaTV - you're getting just tastes of their content on YouTube. If you want the whole programs, many are available for download or subscription via podcast.
  • UCTelevision - programs from the University of California. I get a lot of these on satellite television and am pleased to be able to share some of the wonderful lectures with others.
  • TEDTalksDirector - lectures from the annual TED conference
  • AtGoogleTalks - not too surprisingly, Google gets a lot of big names coming to talk to their employees - authors, candidates, etc.
  • LinkTV - another satellite channel with interesting world news reports.
  • AmericanLibraryAssoc - mostly promotional videos. Here's one promoting National Library Week:

  • And of course, you can always rely on people you know to help find good stuff. If you want to subscribe to my personal channel and see what I've picked out, including a lot of the channels listed above, go to mtbibliotechie.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

adding image links to your blog or website

Copy and paste this html code into the edit html portion of your web page editor or blogging software:

<a href="http://askmontana.org/">

<img src="http://askmontana.org/images/askmt.gif" alt="Ask Montana">

to create this logo and link to the Ask Montana virtual reference service

Ask Montana

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

book trailers

I just heard about book trailers last week. They're short promotional videos for books. Here's one for Stephen King's new novel Duma Key

Book trailers might be something fun to add to New Books pages.