Thursday, March 1, 2007

google alerts

Are there a few topics that you like to follow so you can know what's being said about them in the news, blogs, whatever?

Google offers you a couple of tools you can use to stay on top of certain subjects. One is Google Alerts.
From the Google Search page, choose More and Even more >>

From More Google Products, choose Alerts.

Enter the keywords you'd like to search, select what type of search, you can choose from News, Blogs, Web, Groups or Comprehensive. Provide the email address where you'd like the alerts sent and Create Alert.

This is a keyword search, so depending on the terms you use, you may get some irrelevant results but it can always be modified.

I have a google alert set for montana library. I get everything that shows up in the news with the words "Montana" and "library" so there are a few where I scratch my head in befuddlement, but I do run across some interesting articles that I never would have found otherwise as well.

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Dee Ann said...

I have a similar search setup on Technorati, the blog search site. My search looks for anything about our library written in blogs. Mostly they end up being links to events or programs, but it has allowed me to look at other comments we may want to consider as well.