Monday, July 2, 2007

wait on iPhone

One toy we don't need to worry about for now in Montana is the iPhone. And that's because it uses the AT&T (was Cingular) wireless network. A quick look at their coverage viewer shows that Montana only has partner coverage.

And, even if you buy the AT&T wireless plans but try to use it too much in Montana, your service can be terminated.

From the AT&T website popup box about Coverage Legend Terms:

"PARTNER: The areas shown as an orange stripped pattern represent the coverage of unaffiliated carriers and should have sufficient signal strength for on-street or in-the-open coverage, but may not have it for in-vehicle coverage or in-building coverage. Excessive use of Partner coverage may subject your service to early termination, in accordance with your service terms. Data services may not be available. "

So the bad news is we can't be a part of the iPhone craze. The good news is we can save the $499 to $599 retail price to use for something else. Perhaps we'll have coverage in Montana by the time the 2nd or 3rd generations come out.

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