Monday, December 23, 2013

Online digital literacy courses

Each year people get new gadgets for Christmas and are confronted with learning how to use them safely and effectively. While librarians frequently provide orientation to get people started, we generally don't have a lot of curriculum available for really making people digitally literate. Luckily, there are a lot of resources available online for people to work through.

  • Montana State Library Learning Portal Digital Literacy - Jennifer Birnel put together a lot of great digital literacy resources when she was our BTOP traininer. It's a great place to start looking for items that may be useful for your library's patron needs. It includes some video tutorials on mobile devices that may be a bit dated by now but can help you get oriented.
  • Microsoft Digital Literacy - includes basic courses on computers and Microsoft software as well Internet and computer security and privacy.
  • Google Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum - Google focuses on evaluating online content, avoiding scams and managing your digital footprint.
  • - PLA and IMLS funded site - includes basic computer training (including Mac OS) as well as job searches, email, Internet.
  • WebWise - BBC site so the examples tend to be British but has extensive online courses available including social media, cell phones as well as basic computer and Internet.
  • Northstar Digital Literacy Project - an online assessment tool developed in Minnesota.
Do you have any favorite websites you refer people to who are learning computer and Internet basics?

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Pamela Henley said...

One of my favorites (I've used it myself for both for class preparation and when I have a specific question): (the technology tab)